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White Pineapple

We are sold out for this week.  Check your email next week to see if we will have more to ship out the first week of August.

**Online orders only - not available in the store**  

The pineapples will be on a first come, first served basis. A limited supply of White Pineapple is shipped weekly. Orders received today will be shipped the same week.

Shipping home to the mainland? White pineapple is available to order online only.   

Taking White Pineapple on your flight home? Call us to reserve your box ahead of time. We recommend reserving one week in advance. Ask one of our team members for a sample while you're there.

Maui may be known for its famous Maui Gold Pineapples, but that’s not the only type of pineapple worth trying from Hawaii. At Mr. Pineapple, we have several varieties to choose from, including our White Pineapple for sale. 

The White Pineapple is very delicious and sweet. It is a low acid, organic pineapple that is grown in the fields of the Big Island. The is a rare treat for you that love pineapple. This pineapple is only available during a short period of time during the summer (4-6 weeks). In comparison to the Maui Gold, the White Pineapple slightly larger, ranging in size from 5-10 lbs. and is of course all white inside. Don't wait for this pineapple to ripen because it is ripe ready to eat right now.

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