About Us

Mr. Pineapple has been in business since 1999 providing our guests with the best pineapples in the world.  Over time we have expanded our store to provide your favorite candies such as coconut candy, chocolate macadamia nuts, jellies, syrups and much more.  We provide fresh fruit and goodies for you to take on the plane back home or we will even ship it right to your door.

We are now shipping to all 50 states and have expanded to 18 countries.  The Mr. Pineapple team is very knowledgeable on airline regulations, Department of Agriculture regulations and on shipping procedures.

Our relationship with our customers, vendors and shipping partners cultivate an ever-growing partnership.  We enjoy being a part of your vacation and want to make sure you can take a piece of Maui back home with your to share with family and friends. We have an amazing team and the best customers.  Ask for one of our friendly team members to be able to assist you today.